Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"...and every hand's a winner, just like every hand's a loser...."

So I’ve been in the garage/office for all of the summer save for a week-long period that I was on the Bridge Crew. Remember, I was so bored I came up with the disturbingly in-depth country singer plan? Well, apparently, since they were chipping 839 and 85 this week, they brought in the expert on the area: myself. Of course, these events sadly coincided with the weather shooting up to about 98 degrees.

The results? I got sunburnt on places I thought were tan enough they wouldn’t get sunburnt, and all my efforts sent evening out my tan in Livey’s pool were completely wasted, as my arms are now getting to a Nagy/Rearick-shade of brown, and I’ve got minimal Italian in me. However, I did get to see the following people while flagging over the last day and a half, and with such a star-studded affair, whose to complain about the weather conditions?:

Em “The Great One” Adams
Britty Huff
Steff Huff like four times
Bobby n’ Kathryn’s father, Mr. Robert Skamai
Diamond Dave Powers
Billy Freaking Smeltz, the smartest man I know
Mr. Burns
My Mom
Jim Armstrong
Little Billy

Even with that, I’m going to be happy to be in the garage/office again next week.


Although it helps that this is a four-day week for me, as Barcus, Andy Mack, Dill and I head up to the Dux to visit Brendan eaaaarly Friday morning. Mack and Barcus are stopping in at Big Rob’s in Connecticut for an OAR concert, while Dill and I head up to the Boston area for a vain attempt at finding Yankees/Red Sox tickets for under 150 dollars. It’s basically impossible, though we feel it’s at least worth a shot, especially if we lower our standards to three single seats.

If that falls through, I’m not sure what the plans are for Friday, although apparently Saturday will be spent with some quality time with us, Brendiggity’s boat and the Atlantic Ocean. I’m not sure what’s going on that night, but I’m sure whatever it is, it’ll be time well spent. Weekend trips are the best, I wish I wasn’t so cheap that I refuse to take off more days to extend them.


FOX released it’s season premiere schedule, and while Arrested starts a tad late at September 23rd – on it’s new Monday timeslot, but whose to say a slot change in dangerous when you were already nearly cancelled twice? – but the best news coming out of this is concerning The OC, which didn’t premiere until after the baseball playoffs were over last year.

This year? September 8th. So fantastic, I’m giddy.


Increasing my giddiness? How about the Comedy of the Summer, The Wedding Crashers, is getting some great early reviews – although they will definitely drop about twenty percent, but I think the fact Rachel McAdams is in it will jump it back up about five , because she's some female Tom Hanks that doesn't make bad movies – and so is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That’ll teach us all to doubt the sanity/creativity/excellence of both Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.


Speaking of Johnny Depp, FameTracker wistfully compares The Man to chocolate, and the results are about what one would expect.


Tina’s comments on Syracuse:

”It’s stupid….it’s not pretty, and it’s all on a hill…’s not really a town, but not a city….there’s nothing to do, except some fake road that they supposedly do a bunch of stuff on….it’s stupid…”

So apparently, the Carrier Dome can’t carry an entire campus. But, she did get a pink Derek Jeter jersey, so the trip wasn’t a total wash for her.


Great article in this week’s Entertainment Weekly about the late, great Mitch Hedberg. They don’t have a link to it on their site, so if you’re a fan, pick up a copy of the new one (Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson on the front) or just ask to borrow mine.


Summer is odd for the simple reason that some people you really planned on hanging out with, you don’t, while you still hang out with a lot of those you did. On the school front, you keep in touch with a lot of the same people you thought you would, but others you weren’t that close to you talk to more while others you were close to sorta phase out of your life. Does that make any sense? I’m anxious to see how the return to South Bend goes as far as friendships and such.


I was sort of disappointed in the Real World last night, if only because Danny fell for Melinda’s fake-crying and slut charms. The more I look at her, the less attractive I think she is. Her race has something wrong with it, and she’s more and more Paris Hilton every time you look. I think I saw her making out with Wes in a swimming pool in the trailer they showed at the beginning of the season, but I’d like that to happen sooner than later, as her and Danny’s relationship will probably make me throw up sooner rather than later.

Bonus points for Nehemiah for attempting to explain Iraq didn’t attack anybody on American soil, and then a few more points for manly apologizing – although down a few for using a note – for the only off-balance point he made. So if you had to make the bet, does he ostracize himself from the house first out of sheer annoyance, or does the house ostracize Lacey for being a gossip queen/freak? I’m putting twenty bucks down on Nehemiah.


This may or may not just be my Man Crush on Steve Martin flaring up, and I realize this looks a lot like a chick flick, but doesn't this look great?

I think as far as “Easy to Predict” things go, Jason Bay getting last in the Home Run Derby was right up there. Root root root for your hometown team as the Battlin’ Buccos roll into Wrigley to start the second half of the season, taking on – yeesh – Prior, Wood, Maddux and Zambrano. We’ll be lucky to scratch five runs out of that series. Zach “The Duke” Duke pitches Saturday against Maddux in a fun little Master vs. Young Guy game.


And finally, I know I called Wedding Crashers the Comedy of the Summer, but as far as comic-content, The Aristocrats probably has Wilson, Walken and Vaughn beaten. You can find both the trailer and Cartman’s version of the joke – so extremely vulgar, please be advised – right here.

Happy Wednesday.

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