Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Yeah, Tom Cruise Is Crazy, but.... knows how to make a blockbuster. Then again, Steven Spielberg was involved, so you can't give Cruise all, or even a majority of, the credit - and you have to give Dakota Fanning her props because they are most definitely due - but War of the Worlds is as intense of a movie experience as you'll see, summer blockbuster or otherwise. There's no time to catch your breath, no time for comedic relief, just Spielberg throwing Close Encounters of the Third Kind in with Schindler's List, then adding a dash of Independence Day and a dollop of 9/11. The ending isn't half as bad as some critics say, as long as you're somewhat familar with the H.G. Wells original.

Fantastic summer for blockbusters so far. I'm loving this.

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