Thursday, February 17, 2005

You hear it on the Streets..

We acquired NBA Street V3 last Thursday night, and in that week, I haven't had a lot of free time to play the "Street Challenge" career mode and unlock all the courts and legends. Mainly, I've been playing Brendan as the same NBA team, so there's no talent problems, starting at the top and going down through in alphabetical order. We're to Portland, and through that time period, despite Brendan continually reminding me how good he is getting, I'm 21-2, suffering a 21-19 loss when we were the Lakers and a 24-21 loss when we were the Bobcats, only because I didn't pick Gerald Wallace, instead taking Brevin Knight.

I really just wanted to brag about by domination of Brendan a little bit before getting to the meat of the story mode. When you beat a team, you can acquire a player from that team for your squad, so the Pittsburgh Pipers have been rolling with myself and Stephen "Crowd-Surfing" Jackson. Two days ago, after winning a pick-up game, I get a message that went something like this:

"Stephen Jackson has been bragging on the streets about how well your team is balling, and now Ron Artest wants to join. Add Artest to your team at no cost?"

I click "No", as Artest isn't that great on Street.

The response? "Ron can't believe you just turned him down. You'll be hearing from him later."

I'm sure I'll get more requests from people to join as I continue to rack up wins on the easiest mode, but for my first offer to come from Ron Artest, followed by a threat? That's a dream in itself.

And, oh yeah:

A) I've already finished up a 5-page draft for my seminar class that isn't due until Tuesday. I just anti-procrastinated the hell outta that thing

B) It's OC Thursday, the happiest, most loving day of the week.

C) We're having a section dinner at Rocco's tonight before The OC.

D) I'm now more inspired than ever to be a writer after seeing all the potential competition I have in the Sports Guy's Intern contest applicants. Those people are incredibly inspired about their sports, attended amazing colleges, want to basically do the same thing I do and probably have more experience/talent. So what am I gonna do? Just keep churning out the blog, getting by with lame schoolwork, loving life and neglecting to notice it may very well be negative thirty-five degrees outside, and of course, do it all with a smile on my face. Competition is always a very good thing.

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