Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Quick Late-Night Hits: Dill's Weather Video and Pete Being Clairvoyant

This is how I'm going to handle things, especially since I'm in a very Valentinesy mood.

I love Norah, and Dill made fun of her winning awards. Now I love Dill, and I love seeing Dill hanging out with Al Roker even more, so here's the link I meant to post yesterday with Dill doing the weather for the Today Show. Enjoy.


I'm going to do an extended college basketball ramble sometime this week - maybe after the Georgetown game, which you'll be able to find on ESPN Classic - but I just wanted to give some props to my main man Pete Winter. Walking into South Dining Hall this evening, Pete said something about the big Kansas/Texas Tech game tonight. I laughed.

"Who cares about Texas Tech? I'm just excited about Kansas/OK State."

Pete was reluctant to agree. "I don't know, dude, Tech has been playing everybody tough."

I just completely ignored him until I walked into Rolfs tonight to see Kansas barely surviving a first overtime, then giving up a big three with 3.5 seconds left and losing 80-79. I apologize Peter - you are the man.

I'm going to elaborate on this more, but the only constants going into the NCAA tournament are the Illinois Fighting Illini and Andrew Bogut's, the amazing center for Utah who had 31 points and 13 rebounds this evening, own personal blog.

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