Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Out-adjusted at halftime? Never...

The West Shamokin Wolves boys basketball team played their first ever playoff game this evening against Quaker Valley, the three seed in the WPIAL-AA tournament (For those of you not from WS, or PA for that matter, WPIAL is just the organzing athletic body for most of the Western Pennsylvania schools). I obviously wasn't able to attend the game, and my prediction of a big loss was slightly different from the attitude of the players, which is good, but this is how things turned out, according to your friendly neighborhood weatherman, Andy Dill:

So there i was listening to the ws basketball game on the internet while watching american idol...5-0 wolves early on, frank gets 7 of our first 11...halftime comes, wolves down by 7 after quaker valley hits a 3 at the buzzer...i watch the rest of american idol during halftime...come back to the game at 9 o'clock to hear that quaker valley hit a 3...i'm thinking alright, down by probably around 10...then the announcer says what i think is 45-24...that can't be right...then the end of the third quarter comes and "at the end of 3 it's quaker valley up 53-27"...maybe Coach Nagy should learn that halftime adjustments are probably the most important thing in a basketball coach's responsiblities.

~The Dillski

So there you go. I'd love to type more, but I keep on rolling for my crazy seminar and mythology workload. Happy Wednesday.

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