Friday, February 18, 2005

A Post Explicitly For Livey, Fonz, Drew and Anyone Else Who Ever Argued Who Would Win In A Fight Between Johnny Five and ET

Apparently, with a lack of aliens to send into battle, the government is banking on their new war machines to do the dirty work in future "liberation campaigns". Plus, think of how many swanky inauguration parties we can have if we don't have to worry about funding prayer services, since our frontline troops would be robots and everytihng.

(If for some reason you have no idea what movie I'm talking about and have never seen the Steve Guttenberg 80's-masterpiece called Short Circuit, do yourself a favor. This weekend, instead of going out, getting loaded and throwing up all over yourself in the freezing weather, find yourself a fun date, rent this movie - and it's sequel if you're feeling dangerous - and enjoy a quality movie night.)


I can't wait to blow like three thousand words on college basketball this weekend. Sadly, I'm going to look less prophetic with my prediction of Duke's downfall after they suffered an embarrassing loss in Blacksburg this evening, but I'll survive. I guess it's just because the ACC is so tough that quality teams like Maryland and Duke lose to crappy teams like NC State and Virgina Tech on any given night.

That, or the whole freaking conference is overrated. One or the other, but I've got no opinion in either way, that's for sure.


NBA All-Star Game on Sunday. Nope? Not even slightly interested? Can't pique your interest by saying you'll get to see some Kobe vs. Shaq, some LeBron vs. Dwyane, some Grant Hill vs. T-Mac?

That's fair enough, although once college basketball is over and the NFL Draft is too far away for me to really get into - although I'm sure Patrick will be keeping you updated - you'll have to deal with some NBA stuff. But everyone knows how to scroll down past things to gossip stuff, so you'll be fine.


Just in case you weren't positive from the commercial, Son of the Mask may be the worst movie ever made.


Happy Friday. Only two weeks until Spring Break, bumming around my house watching basketball a nice little trip to Boston to visit Brendan and hit up a Celtics game. Granted, I realize I'm going the wrong way (I should be heading to Jacksonville, Texas, anywhere warm...), but it'll still be a lovely time, especially with the bitter cold rolling back into the Frozen Tundra of South Quad. Stay warm, stay happy and as always, stay classy.

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