Thursday, February 10, 2005

The new commenting system is working much more smoothly than the last, despite the fact it brings on that very intimidating "Trackback" link, of which I have no idea what it does. You can fiddle with it, if you like, although I just suggest giving the swanky new response system a whirl.


Already the battle against FOX cutting back on Arrested Development, as the man who plays former psychologist and Blue Man Group back-up Dr. Tobias Funke goes on Jimmy Kimmel Live and begins fighting the good fight with indecent language. Meanwhile, the creator tries to stir up some more support by talking to everyone's favorite online newspaper, The Onion, in a fun little interview.


And for those of you not already planning on tuning into The OC tonight, I hate to say that you're in the wrong, but it is sweeps month and you wouldn't want to miss anything...


And I realized what this blog needs, even with the addition of Pat's Daily Links: More Norah, so in honor of soft rock (which I don't think Norah qualifies as, but it's close) Thursday, here's my favorite voluptuous velvet-voiced vixen, whose summer tour has yet to be announced.

Now that's much better.

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