Friday, February 11, 2005

I think FOX did pretty well for itself on Thursday.

First, after a protest was started to save Arrested Development - the idea to send custom printed banana stress balls to the network big-wigs - the good folks at FOX, denounced the rumors that the show was being cancelled, relieving a great pressure from my chest and those of everyone else who enjoys the show.

Secondly, they finally unleashed the much-anticipated lesbian kiss on The OC. I think they drug it out the perfect length of time. They didn't drag it out too long so that the loyal fans who hadn't just tuned in to see girl-on-girl action were pissed, nor did they spring it too quickly that all anticipation was lost and it seemed like a cheap event. It almost kind of makes sense for Marissa to turn gay, as we've grown to realize she's pretty unstable.

Her first boyfriend we were introduced to was Luke, whose Dad ended up gay, then he ended up f*cking Marissa's mom, getting drunk, wrecking and moving to Portland. Her next boyfriend, Ryan, ended up getting one of his ex's pregnant and leaving her for the summer. During her relationship with Ryan, she also had a "friendship" with Oliver, perhaps the creepiest guy to ever grace our televisions. Her latest fling, DJ The Yard Guy, realized he was being used to get back at his girlfriend's mother so he gathered up his rakes, hopped in his shiny truck and rode off into the sunset.

The new character also involved in the relationship, Alex, makes sense for this as well since A) She was already in a female-female relationship and B) She had to put up with an abbreviated relationship with Seth Cohen, so she probably wants someone a little more mellow (see drunk). Had they made the girl-on-girl kiss between say, Alex and Lindsay, it would be seen more as a stunt than it is between the resident pychotic drama queen and the new girl in town who already handled a bad parental situation.

The only way to make Mischa Barton's Marissa an interesting character to me: Have her make out with a smoking hot punk rock chick.

The question becomes "Would this have happened if Jimmy Cooper had stayed around?", and the answer probably is no, because his parental guidance may have kept Marissa with DJ The Yard Guy and away from Alex, something very, very bad, so in a way, we at least have a good reason Tate Donovan got booted off the show.

The OC's ratings are down from last season, but they're going up against a lot stiff competition, so that's to be expected. I'm sure this little sweeps ploy will draw some higher ratings, but the importance is that Josh Schwartz and company at least finish off the storyline in a satisfying manner and not just pretend it didn't happen last week. Does this mean I may have to sacrifice watching two hot girls making out on my Thursday night? Absolutely. Does it mean that perhaps I'll have to put up with the first gratuitous lesbian sex scene on network TV? Perhaps, and that's a risk I'm willing to take for the sanctity of the show.

Suddenly everyone's favorite primetime serial went from sorta-dull to pretty interesting, with the Caleb-Ryan Rivalry, stupid Sandy Cohen risking things with the Hottest Mom On TV for some two-bit skank who was hiding out in Canada, the return of Seth-Summer and the first hint of edge to Zach's character and of course, everyone's favorite lesbians. Since the rest of the guys in the section have finally taken my advice and adopted Lost, I simply need to catch up with them in order to have three nights a week to look forward to having messed up by work.

So again, I'd like to extend this request: If you haven't watched The OC, please don't judge it, shove it aside and diss it because you feel it makes you "rebellious", "anti-mainstream" or "manly". Give it a shot, and if you don't like it, you don't like it, but it's still as entertaining as an hour of television as you'll find on TV each week.

And did I mention two chicks made out on it last night? (scroll to bottom)

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