Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Dear All Of You People Who Clamored For More Family Guy,

Thanks to your insistence that they bring back the show, FOX decided that it must be so popular that the creator, Seth MacFarlane, should get another thirty minutes on the network, the newly-premiering American Dad. That's fine with me, even though I'm not going to tune in for it. I'm sure I'd enjoy Family Guy if I watched it now, but during it's original run, my apparent lack of maturity/understanding for dirty, pop-culture humor didn't leave me enjoying it that much.

But it's cool, because there's a big following, and if people want more of a show, and there's enough of them, they should get it. Yeah, I'd like to have Eric Close, Dennis Haysberg and Now and Again back, and you can bet my sister would like Jane Seymour to come out of her ten year "vacation" to make more Dr. Quinn, but sometimes you don't always get what you want. Again, whatever, because your lust for another overweight, animated, moronic father doesn't hurt me any.

Until it causes FOX to cut down on it's Arrested Development order. If you're unfamilar with the television business, a production company creates shows of a TV series - which the network funds because shows are so costly - so if FOX says it wants less episodes, less episodes get made and less episodes of the best show on television are broadcast.

Granted, this change doesn't take place until May 1st, but at that time, we can say good bye to Arrested Development for the college semester and maybe, but hopefully to God not, forever. But again, enjoy your Family Guy and what I'm sure will be a smash hit, American Dad. I'm going to start writing my letters now so that by the time Guy's ratings are on the slip - again - they'll cut down on it's episode order to bring back the Bluthe Clan.

Your Friend,
Chris Wilson

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