Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Now with shiny new link capabilities!

This isn't going to be overly helpful right now - with my current circumstances of not being around any computer, let alone my own, from 7 to 3 during the week - but once I get back to school, this has the potential to be useful for those of you who enjoy procrastination:

Over on the left side of the page before the static links and some advertisements is now a little section titled cw.icio.us. Now when I'm cruising the internet and find a post, story, video or random link I enjoy, instead of keeping a couple of windows of Firefox full of twenty tabs until I post again, I can just click a little button, add a minor description, and voila, it appears there without a formal update. That way if you get tired of seeing a picture of Steve Nash bleeding or a dissertation on a random Carrie Underwood song at the top of the page when I get lazy busy, there might be something there that interests you. It'll be the kind of stuff you typically find here - right now a small sample includes the Pirates, a movie trailer, Wonkette, baby polar bears, NBA Finals ratings, a stupid NCAA decision and some Onion - only in smaller, link-only form. I hate just posting lists of links, so this lets me manage to throw stuff out there while still only posting when I actually have something to write about, which isn't often.

More real actual posting stuff in the very near future, but for those of you who've already elevated LeBron over Wade thanks to his work against the Pistons, please remember D-Wade dropped 42 points and 13 rebounds on the Mavericks in Game Three of the Finals last year when his team also had been embarrassed in the first two games. This is probably my last mention of non-draft NBA stuff, so you have that going for you.

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