Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Night Quick Hitters

Blades of Glory is rocking out right around a really sexy 70% on the ol' Rotten Tomatometer, so I think we're going to check that out. I need to start working on one of my extended papers this weekend in an attempt to just not be completely overwhelmed the last couple of weeks of the semester, but I'll get to the review of the Correspondents' Dinner at some point.

1) If you need to get excited for the Final Four this weekend, go with either the Gus Johnson remix or the "One Shining Moment" compilation.

2) You want a reason to cheer for Sanjaya other than the fact he might be the Trojan Horse that destroys Idol from within? How about his earlier-in-the-seas-booted sis? Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

3) The Dark Knight is already going to be the sweetest thing ever. If they get SMQ to play Harley Quinn, which would allow Buffy to go one-on-one with Batman (much like the actual bracket), and perhaps make Batman Begins/The Dark Knight the best movie one-two punch this side of Godfather and Godfather 2. And yes, I just went there.

(As far as you doubting the Heath Ledger as The Joker, check this out. Some weird ones, some good ones.)

4) Not overly thrilled with the Ocean's Thirteen trailer. I'll obviously see it on opening night because, well, I'm weak like that, but ugh. Slightly more disappointing than the final Spiderman 3 trailer, which screams of rushed.

5) Almost time for the eternal disappointment of another Bucco season:

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