Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wallet: Check (although much lighter). Cellphone: Check. New Worst Day Ever: Check.

Of course, there's the 41-14 Sugar Bowl loss we all saw coming. This happens, especially to Notre Dame. That alone could not damper the mood of the trip, however, there were a few other fun parts:

1) Waking up to this:

If Bill Cowher goes to the Dolphins, I quit sports. It would be the ultimate revenge of whatever creature exists instead of the Christian God, who would never, ever consider doing something like that.

2) Lost some money at Harrah's. It was just stupidity again, with no exit strategy, I was up, then I was even, then I was done. Just stupid.

3) The market for Sugar Bowl tickets bottomed out mid-afternoon. This wasn't really the worst thing in the world, as Pocz and I nearly got even money back for our tickets and had a great time interacting with various scalpers and fans along Bourbon Street. This wasn't really bad, although making some money off of them would have been nice.

4) Do you know how you watch the documentaries on Iron Man competitors or mountain climbers, and they reach that point where their body just shuts down? This is maybe an unfavorable comparison, but about midway through the game we all started to feel the toll of four days on Bourbon Street. Just New Years Eve would have been enough, but when you start gathering all the Happy Hour specials and hand grenades across four long afternoons and nights, your body wants you to just die a slow, quiet death. After karaoke, Hurricanes, bowl games and everything else through the French Quarter, we didn't have anything left.

5) I'm freaking broke. NOLA is expensive. That being said, we've all but decided that there has to be some sort of annual trip there.

6) BONUS FUN: I come home to find out that The OC has been cancelled. This isn't particularly surprising, nor would I have cared if I'd been privy to this same information only a month ago, but I'm bummed out now.

Full trip recap coming soon, but there is much to be made up in sleep and Tivo before then.

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