Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm not sure who's hotter, Gilbert Arenas or Norah Jones

I wanted to do an extended post on all sorts of stuff I've been digging up over the last couple weeks, but I've been severely lacking in my Rakes commitment, and you know how easily I get distracted by shiny links all over the internet. But, a few things to hit on:

1) Do you know what cheers you up at 6:30 on a Sunday morning and you've already been up for three hours? The first is having your suit complimented my Tim Russert (Check). The second is flipping through the New York Times and finding nothing short of an epic tale about the wonder that is Norah Jones. Its helping to hype her new album, which drops a week from today.

2) Tonight is Suns/Wizards, Round Two. They're the two highest scoring teams in the league, and last time they met it was a 144-139 overtime thriller in which Gilbert Arenas scored 54 and Shane and I decided it was one of the best second halves we've ever seen. Both Gilbert and Nash are up there in the MVP race, with the Suns' 13 game winning streak and the Wizards' 10 game home winning streak colliding tonight in a spectacular display of basketball magnificence. You also can't disregard the greatness of the nicknames in this game, with The Matrix, Agent Zero and Black Jesus all making an appearance.

I'll be there, of course, thanks to the Verizon Center's awesome Tuesday/Wednesday night "10 Dollar Tickets with a College ID" policy. This thing could turn into a blowout - the Suns are freaking good, man - but I doubt Gilbert, Caron and Antawn let that happen.

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