Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yeah, This About Sums It Up

From my e-mail inbox this evening:


I thought I should email and check on your health. I mean, the Irish get crushed, and your Dolphins have fallen to 0 - 2. I thought you might be a bit distraught. What the heck happened to Quinn and company? I guess I'm not as surprised that they lost, but the way they lost was not expected. I saw they dropped to 12th in the AP poll. Hopefully they can rebound next week, and start their climb back towards the top.

Well, I hope your Junior year is off to a good start and it's not too much of a distraction during football season.

Coach Powers

Of course, to make my mind away from the sadness that has been this football season so far, the television season is starting to kick off. Dancing With The Stars and Amazing Race have had quality starts for the reality side of things, and with Studio 60 and The Office opening up shop this week, things are turning a little bit brighter. Also, Survivor: Race Wars? Vaguely disappointing so far. I don't think it's going to stay on the Tivo queue with Ugly Betty and Office/Earl on at the same time, unless the former turns into a severe disappointment.

Oh, sweet beautiful television, thank you for coming around to ease a broken heart.

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