Monday, September 04, 2006

Sweet Anticipation

As it turns out, Big Ben was willing to try anything to get out of playing the Dolphins this Thursday night. First, he tempted Fate, the law and the idea of common sense by jetting through downtown Pittsburgh without helmet or motorcycle license, surviving that accident with only some lacerations and a slimming of his face, and now he went and forced the doctors to perform an “emergency appendectomy”. Like I’m believing that.

Regardless of the Steelers quarterbacking situation in a few days – Charlie Batch? A resigned Omar Jacobs? Jeff George? – the Supah Stee fans now thankfully have an excuse to turn to when the Miami Dolphins are in the air, on the ground and always in control for the season opener. I’ll be there, sitting right about here:

I’ve already ordered my orange Daunte Culpepper jersey, which shipped Friday and should arrive at the Wilson Ranchero safely before my return sometime early Thursday afternoon, so I’m sure I’ll have some beer spilt on and profanities spit towards my person. I’m obviously fine with that, as if there’s one thing I’ve learned through my twenty years and eight months upon this earth, it is that Steeler fans are not the brightest or classiest people in this world.

You’ll be getting a full Dayton/Geogia/Georgia Tech travelogue the first time the opportunity presents itself, along with some pictures, but just know that I’m considerably happier being 1-0 than 0-1, no matter how ugly the offense looked at times.


Condolences go out to the family, friends and viewers of Steve Irwin, the Discovery Channel’s Crocodile Hunter, for his death over the weekend…caused by a sting ray?! It seems rather unfair that Irwin wasn’t killed by some mythical creature he’d just rediscovered – “Crocodile Hunter Sautéed By Newly Discovered Dragon” – or at least by his namesake in a harrowing battle, but he’ll certainly be added to the Blog Deceased Hall of Fame along with Ray Charles, Peter Jennings, Mitch Hedberg, Peter Tomarkin and Jerry Orbach, among others.

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