Sunday, August 20, 2006

Back in the Bend '06

Arrived in the Bend around 1:30 Friday, guiding my way across 80 with my quickly detriorating eyesight. What was once chaos - six consecutive rooms in the second floor heart of Dillon Hall to be filled by eighty twenty-year old guys - has nearly gelled itself into a beautiful and special place where many a rollicking college evening will be spent. Tommy and Paul's place at TC is beautiful. Rina and Katie's flat is spacious and equally lovely. The college football season is a scant thirteen days away, with road trips to Atlanta and Pittsburgh awaiting me, with a possible sidetrip to East Lansing at the end of September.

I know a lot of people aren't back at school yet, but trust me, you're going to A) Feel like you never left and B) Love every second of it. Granted, I probably won't be singing as sweet a tune when the paper and reading assignments are rolling in, but I've already conceded that this semester may well end up an academic bust by my standards, so I'll either have to lower said standards or step up. Still, with three Tivos humming and HD glowing warmly in the 15-seater (at least) common room, my time management skills will be pressed to the most.

Regardless, it's going to be a great semester, and expect loads of updates to both this site and Rakes, which I hope you are frequenting from time-to-time. Big, fun announcement coming tomorrow over there, and plenty of stuff to come here once we get into the flow of the television and NFL seasons.

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