Friday, June 30, 2006

Somebody Woke Hollywood Up

After slumming it for the majority of the summer, the summer box office is finally heating up with the debuts of Superman Returns, The Devil Wears Prada and the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel taking place in a nine-day span. Both of the formers have been getting great reviews, and perhaps in even more exciting news, AICN absolutely loves our second helping of Captain Jack Sparrow. I'll be gone for at least part of the weekend, so anyone who sees The Man of Steel, please leave it on the AIM or in the comments, although I'm sure I'll see it soon.

But still, if you're Bryan Singer and the rest of the Superman crew, you've got to have mixed feelings. Yeah, you had a good opening with 21 million, but that was about half as much as Spiderman 2 made, and only two million more than the third Jurassic Park. Also, you've got to deal with the fact that no matter how good your movie is, at any point in time it drags or fails, people are going to immediately think forward to how fantastic Spiderman 3 looks. And on top of all of that, ThrowingThings reports that the freaking Devil Wears Prada is a tougher New York City ticket than your flick.

Still, I'm excited for things to come. Happy Fourth of July Weekend, everyone. For those of you working miserable summer jobs, you've earned it.

I really couldn't be more excited for a movie than I am for this one.


Unless something goes terribly wrong tomorrow morning involving Rob, we should all have our Georgia Tech tickets for the Irish home opener, which I couldn't be more excited about. If that piece falls into place, then there will be a fantastic week in place for me that includes tailgating at UGA, the Irish/Yellow Jackets game, Dolphins/Steelers and Notre Dame embarrassing Penn State the following Saturday. Total cost of that? Not too high, really, considering the going price for the PSU game remains around 600.

I can't help but think the crowd at Bobby Dodd Stadium might actually slant Irish on the night of the 2nd.


And if my good luck couldn't continue, I was cruising the Mann's Chinese Theater website today, and how lucky am I that the Miami Vice trailer occurs while I'm in LA? Pete Winter, myself, classy suits, Sean awkwardly gawking around, heckling Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx being fly as hell. Is there anyway I miss this? I wouldn't be able to forgive myself, despite the fact the movie will most likely bomb majorly. I still can't imagine much worse casting than charmless Colin Farrell playing the Don Johnson role of Crockett, but still, I'm very happy I stumbled onto this

Flyest. Suit. Ever.


This is just an idea I was tossing around, but if anyone wants to submit a contribution for the blog - since I don't update this thing nearly enough - about something they love in the world of sports or entertainment, I'd be all for doing a "Summer Lovin'" essay series to keep all of your writing skills sharp for the fall. Just an idea, and if no one feels like professing their love for America's Got Talent or The Break-Up, I'd understand, but I'd just like to get as much original material on here as possible due to my constant slacking.

What? Don't judge. Maybe there will be a prize involved.

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