Monday, May 15, 2006

The Ultimate Television Evening

I feel like I've been training for tonight my entire life. Starting at 7:00 and running well past 11:00, there will be three season finales (Grey's Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Prison Break), one penultimate episode (24) and two NBA Game Fours in two very interesting series (Cavs/Pistons and Spurs/Mavericks). It took some thinking, and a gift - Crossing Jordan, required viewing for my mom, isn't on tonight. There is only one crime procedural on each week, CSI: Miami, that my mother doesn't watching - but this is my plan for the evening.

(Oh, and don't forget that our beloved Commander and Chief has chosen tonight to speak on his immigration plan, which requires drawing thousands of national guard troops to the Mexican border. If this doesn't sound like some plan to instill martial law on the people with the military, I don't know what is. I watch 24. I know this stuff.)

7:00 - 8:20ish This is easy, as I just get to enjoy LeBron versus the Pistons on TNTHD and wait for President Bush to stop talking.

8:20 - 9:00: Tivo begins to record Prison Break and the VCR in my room - yes, those archane pieces of equipment still come in handy - tapes an hour and a half of CBS so that I dare not miss any of HIMYM.

9:00 - 11:00: The VCR is still whirring upstairs until 9:45ish while the Tivo switches over to 24, plus an hour, to make sure I don't miss anything, save for watching it with Suzi Q. Really sad they couldn't have wrapped up these two FOX shows with the people I enjoy watching them with the most (Break with the Roomies, 24 with Pinnick). While Tivo and VCR do their deed, I'll split-screen the big screen so I have the games (end of Cavs/Pistons, beginning of Spurs/Mavs) on one side, muted, and Grey's on the other, the larger of the two and with sound.

You'll be getting an extended post on all of tonight's action, plus the beauty that was the Earl and Office finales Thursday night, sometime tomorrow, but for now, simply enjoy yourself some quality television. I love me some May Sweeps.


Also, fantastic news, as FOX has decided to bring back The Loop next season for at least another thirteen episodes. The best comedy nobody watches with the best theme song nobody has ever heard gets another run at things. College students rejoice. And in perhaps even better FOX news, Mischa Barton won't be back with The OC next season, not that anyone will still be watching.

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