Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Daunte's A Dolphin

After Drew Brees danced the forbidden free agent dance with both the Dolphins and Saints last night - and in doing so, distracted the Phins away from my number two offseason crush, Notre Dame alum and Super Bowl Champ David Givens - Nick Saban showed why he's the man. He got tired of Brees and his bum shoulder stalling about money, let Drew ruin his career in N'awlins and traded a second round pick for....

Daunte Culpepper. Granted, Daunte's knee is banged up, and before that happened this season his numbers were terrible, but he's an upgrade over anything the Dolphins have had since Marino left, even at 80 percent. Yes, he's fumble-prone and yes, he's only won one playoff game in his tenure, but look at the numbers from 2004:

69.2 completion percentage, 4717 yards, 39 TDs, 11 INTs and a QB Rating of 110.9.

Granted, he had Randy Moss, but Chris Chambers is only a slight downgrade from Culpepper's former target, and with Terrell Owens recently released.....well, there's another slightly crazy threat we could add to the team. Why am I not more concerned about Daunte, especially with all the boats around, or the potential of getting TO? Two words: Nick Saban. He's not going to take crap from any of the players, and with leaders like Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas, he's got plenty of back-up.

Plus, when you look at this picture, doesn't he kinda look like a superhero or something?

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