Monday, March 27, 2006

Boom, It's On - Or How Miami Went All Up And Crashed Your Party

The NFL will announce today that the Miami Dolphins will play the Steelers to kick off the season Thursday night, Sept. 7, at Heinz Field. The Dolphins, who did not make the playoffs last season, last week acquired quarterback Daunte Culpepper from the Minnesota Vikings. The Steelers' players and coaches will receive their Super Bowl rings that night.

Oh baby!! Do I wish it wasn't on a Thursday, guaranteeing I could be there? Absolutely. Will I still probably be skipping Thursday classes so I can go?

Oh yes. Oh freakin' yes.

(And yeah, Notre Dame rocks the shit outta Penn State two days later in our home opener. Best Weekend Ever?)

(We also play on Thanksgiving against the Lions. Looks like the NFL knows who will be in the Super Bowl.)

Coming later: George Mason?!?! And why Monday night television should rock your world.

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