Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl Wrap-Up: Trade-Off

This is the last post containing any reference to the Super Bowl officiating. I just found it interesting that as the day went on, I stumbled into more and more mainstream, non-Seahawks or Steeler-hating fans who thought the Supahs got a decided advantage from the calls. Granted, the Seahawks still didn't convert in the red zone, Jeremy Stevens carried on the Seahawks Legacy of dropping passes and Mike Holmgren's end of half management resembled, well, I'm not sure anyone's ever been quite as bad as they were. But to make up for this rant and the links to writers mentioning how the officials were strong candidates for MVP, here's a few of my favorite commercials from last night.

EDIT: Having the four videos on the blog was killing the load time, so I'm just going to provide you with the link to where you can watch the Super Bowl commercials.

And as for the pundits who agree with me on the officiating, or at least think this Super Bowl is immediately forgettable:

Michael Smith
Bill Simmons
The Football Outsiders

The Andy MacKrell Challenge

No folks, this isn't to "Have Perfect Hair All The Time", "Date a Notre Dame Cheerleader" or "Appear High When Completely Sober", but as thrown down by Andy at dinner tonight, "For every link that says the officiating was bad, there's one that says it was fine", so anyone that can find me two to four sites stating how great and fair the officiating was Sunday night, please drop those in the comments or send them to me on AOL.

And with that, the Super Bowl coverage is complete. No more discussion of it. Watch How I Met Your Mother tonight, or some college hoops. No more NFL discussions that isn't based on the draft. From this point on, the only pigskin debate will be based on "Who should be preseason number one?" and "Who should the Houston Texans take?".

Everyone's undefeated.

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