Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's Signing Day!

And the Irish are a consensus fifth among the major ranking services and the large sports conglomerates they are whored out to this time of year. Would it have helped to add Butch Lewis or Gerald McCoy at defensive tackle? Absolutely, but the Irish pulled in a healthy class in Charlie's first full season of recruiting. Rob is pleased, so the Blog O' Fun is pleased, especially since James Aldridge is reminding people of a young Cadillac Williams.


Just incase you were like everyone else and forgot they were putting on a Super Bowl - no really, they didn't just cancel the NFL season, the Seahawks and Steelers play Sunday - here's a guide to hating on Detroit.

Want to just hate on the Steelers? Start either here, with some people naming their kid "Seven", or go back a little deeper to the crazed high school teacher that was a little too anti-Broncos going into the AFC Championship game.

Or, if you want to be really hip, hop in and Deadspin and analyze these pictures of Big Ben partying. Thanks for the Notre Dame shout-out, big guy! There's even a t-shirt!

(My theory? That that's not even Big Ben, but really Jason from Laguna Beach. Squint a little bit. You see it.)


And finally, because not all things in Pittsburgh are completely and totally terrible, the Buccos have released their promotional schedule. If you don't think I'll do everything in my power to be out of South Bend by the Friday of Finals Week, just so I can get to Zach Duke Bobblehead Night, then you do not know me. Saying good-bye to friends? Sort of important. Bobbleheads? The most important.

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