Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Countdown To Oscar: Twelve Days. To Less Classy Entertainment Such As "The Real World: Key West": Six.

We've got our host, and now they've released the set design, and it looks lovely:

By the way, the new Real World is going to be an absolute disaster. The girls are absolutely insane, there's only one chill/non-frat guy and, oh yeah, there's hurricanes. And I don't think the girls are even a fun crazy - they're the sort of crazy that causes you to either to start drinking heavily or go the way of prohibition, whichever one will get you the hell away from them. I like Zach, because he was the only guy who didn't talk about his mad pimping skills (Oh Wes, I miss your awkward grace) or the high-kick performance he designed in college (That would be your obligatory gay guy, incase you couldn't use context clues).

Oh yeah, and one girl is bulimic. That's a problem that someone has that allows no potentially entertaining side effects, like alcoholism or gambling. When you're bulimic, at least from what I've seen in health class movies, you basically complain, throw up and cry. I think in the movie we watched a girl got hit by a car, so we can always cross our fingers and hope for that.

Of course, I still will watch it. T-minus one week until Amazing Race and Real World both return to the airwaves on one glorious night.


"What's she got to be so morose about?"

"Code Black" and it's aftermath has us watching Grey's Anatomy - honestly, it doesn't take a lot around here to make us stop doing work and start watching random television shows - and we've got one big question to ask:

Why is Meredith so damn sad all the time? I understand Patrick Dempsey won't take her back, but he's sort of married, thus throwing out all sorts of ethical issues. Obviously, he still loves Meredith, but since he's just sort of leading her on, doesn't that make him a less-than-charming hero? In fact, isn't he leading both Meredith and his wife on? Personally, I'm just waiting for the first ABC Christmas movie starring McDreamy. He seems destined for that next December when Desperate and Grey's go on their holiday break.

Of course, there are other questions, like "What was exactly causing the 'spontaneous orgasm problem', and how did they fix it?", because we're all pretty sure it was just an excuse to let Izzie say orgasm a lot in one episode. If you want to be a doctor show, you can't pull out cheap gags like that unless you can at least moderately explain what the hell is happening. I was going to have Sean, our resident doctor, figure out if that was possible/what would cause it, but he's so damn obsessed with Sasha Cohen right now, nothing will break him out of the fog of Olympic figure skating.

We'll still watch next week, but I just wondered if any of the amazing number of Grey's aficionados I know could shed some light on these questions.

Perhaps she's sad because she's bulimic?

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