Monday, January 30, 2006

In Brazillian, It Means Bring Your Ass

After Tim, Chad and I were stricken with sickness all weekend, we needed something to raise our spirits. Something upbeat, something that's going to revolutionize movie, something that's special.

What did we find?


Here's K-Fed listening to his own single, which is probably as enjoyable as internet videos come. For a special treat, watch it with the volume off. As Rina put, he just looks constipated most of the time.

Here's James Lipton reciting the lyrics - slowing it down so you can perfectly copy them to aways! - on Conan

And finally, K-Fed's MySpace. I'm not kidding, he has MySpace.


On an actual legitmate entertainment note, CBS has released the profiles for all The Amazing Race 9 teams. You can view them here. My early pick is Eric and Jeremy, while Sean has Dani and Danielle and Chad took Ray and Yolanda. Of course, as long as Phil is involved, we're all winners.

The new season of TAR premieres on February 28th, or for you fellow MTV reality worshippers out there, the same night as Real World: Key West. Batten down the hatches and fire up the Tivo.

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