Thursday, January 05, 2006

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Rob sent me this, and it was too good to not post, especially since I'm pretty sure Utah would have waxed USC and Oklahoma last year:

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Also in the world of cyberspace, after a quick glance, you've got Stewart Mandel's look at next year's top teams (the Irish are number two?), which is ridiculous until Vince, LenDale and others make their decisions, while Pat Forde also weighs in with his early prognostication (ND is 4th). The Sports Guy has a running diary of the game, which is pretty terrible overall because he simply doesn't watch college football. However, he did have the same slow awakening that I did that maybe Vince Young can play in the NFL. EDSBS keeps referring to Vince as a hyperspeed giraffe, which seems to be the most accurate description I've read.

Still no word on whether the 2005 Texas team is the best in history, after usurping the previous best team in history. Their dance team, the chapped ones, say "Oh yes". Transferring to Texas in 3....2....1.....

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