Friday, December 09, 2005

Say What?

So just throwing out a few hypothetical questions. You’re more than welcome to answer any, or all, or none of them, but I just need to get a few things off the top of my head:

If we were given a set number of texts to read for our classes, had exams once every six weeks and lectures once a week – basically turning the entire semester into glorified study days – would we all be significantly better or significantly worse off for it?

How do you know the difference between your wrist being sprained/jammed or broken?

(Actually, that’s not a hypothetical question. If anyone knows that so I don’t have to go to health services to get that checked out, please let me know.)

How come the people who lived in the city in Power Rangers never got mad that their buildings kept getting screwed up?

Did anyone besides Sean or Patrick predict that the new
King Kong movie was going to (apparently) be absolutely awesome?

Who wants to see
Kong for a nice study break Wednesday afternoon?

How ridiculous is the Downtown Athletic Club for only inviting three people for the Heisman?

And if they’re only doing this because they think Reggie, Vince and Matt are the only people that have a chance at winning, why is Leinart even showing up when you, me and Archie Griffin know he doesn’t have a prayer?

Who sings the best versions of “Let It Snow” and “Sleigh Ride”?

Is the
The OC going to be completely pointless to watch in another six episodes?

Does something just seem – I don’t know – off about the new
Pirates of the Caribbean trailer?

(Then again, when you actually think about the number of plot holes in the original, you had enough discrepancies to sail a couple of Spanish galleons through them. You might think “Yeah, that makes sense” for a bit, but in the end, it’s completely insane. And you know what? I’ve never met anyone who didn’t at least very much enjoy, if not love, that movie. The lesson as always: Johnny Depp, much like Jason Kidd or Steve Nash, could carry anybody to success.)

How easy is it going to be for Sarah Jessica Parker to play the “somewhat clumsy, insecure woman trying to find love” in The Family Stone. Does she know any other role?

Can you believe the Bears and Seahawks have a combined record of 19-5 right now, while the Eagles and Patriots are 12-12?

Could the Notre Dame athletic department be any more incompetent about ticket distributions/the general manner of which they do anything, save for hiring Charlie Weis?

(That, of course, is not a hypothetical question, as it has a very clear answer.)

Are these the sweetest Christmas decorations ever, or what?

Could Christmas break come any faster?

Could the first semester of sophomore year go by any faster?

Which category is more interesting at the Grammy’s?:

Record: Green Day vs. Gorillaz vs. Gwen Stefani vs. Kanye West vs. Mariah Carey

Album: Kanye vs. Gwen vs. U2 vs. Paul McCartney vs. Mariah Carey

Rock Performance By Duo Or Group: Franz vs. The Killers vs. U2 vs. Coldplay vs. Foo

Rock Song: Foo vs. Weezer vs. U2 vs. The Boss vs. Coldplay

How sweet is it that Jerry Rice is on the new Dancing With The Stars?

Will any MTV reality show - and God bless the new
Gauntlet for attempting to try - ever compare to the first Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes?

How badly did The Shark get shafted tonight?

Do you spell redemption "S-E-R-N-A"?

How much studying do you suppose I actually get done in the next four days?

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