Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holiday Observations

So far over break, I’ve learned that…

…2005 USC, despite the fact they haven’t even won the championship yet this year, would roll through most of the best teams of the last half-century.
If you haven’t seen it on SportsCenter, the Fowler/Herbstreit/Mays combination is putting this USC team up against the likes of 1994 Penn State, 1988 Notre Dame, 1979 Alabama and 1997 Michigan. But you don’t even have to watch the individual segments, because if it’s a team pre-1980’s, then they simply say the athletes wouldn’t be good enough to compete with USC and if it’s after 1988 or so, then it’s just a matter of “Man, this USC team is too balanced to stop.” Well, a rather average Notre Dame defense held them to 31, a crappy Arizona State defense held them to three at the half and Oregon shut them out for a while. I’m not saying that USC wouldn’t compete with these teams, but can we at least see how they do against the second-best team this season?

…Mr. Pibb and Red Vines equal Crazy Delicious. I’ve been meaning to talk about SNL, after it drug Dane Cook down – or is Dane simply sliding off comically? – and this skit from a couple weeks back is making the rounds on the net as one of the best in years, and I’ll have to agree that it’s pretty funny. Just a random rap song loosely based on going to see the Chronicles of Narnia, it’s sort of addicting.

….I’m gonna need about seven grand to complete my BCS tour. Going up to Casino Niagara Saturday night for New Year’s Eve – and in the process, sadly missing Pete’s party – will allow me to attempt to turn my birthday and Christmas money into a few thousand, enough to then fly to Phoenix, scalp a ticket to the Fiesta, hop a red eye to Miami Beach (such as Tony Bennett discuesses), check out the Orange Bowl and then from there, either return home or go plant a bomb at the Rose Bowl in an attempt to eliminate both teams. Don’t think I don’t realize I’m going to lose everything Saturday night, especially after being successful my first two times up, but a guy can dream, right?

…Bill Maher really doesn’t like George W. I mean, I guess I knew that, but this rant is as fantastic as it is caustic. Thanks to the end of the year quote lists for digging it up.

…no matter what the result of this Sunday’s Dolphins/Patriots game, I will be happy. If the Dolphins win, then we end the season on a six-game win streak and go 5-0 in the cold months of December and January for the first time in my history as a Miami fan. If we fall to the defending champs, then it most likely moves them up to the 3-seed, thereby getting the Steelers in the first round and Broncos in the second, making the inevitable Colts/Patriots clash your AFC Championship game. Should the Jaguars/Bengals winner defeat the Colts, then the Pats would be hosting the championship game. AFC East pride all around.

…I’m probably gonna end up watching Love Monkey. Don’t judge, I really liked Ed. It was a Wilson Family favorite, and should not have been cancelled.

…as long as we’re discussing CBS shows, we should show some love for How I Met Your Mother. I told you it would be good, mainly due to having Alyson Hannigan, the ever-awesome NPH and Bob Saget narrating, but the show does not disappoint. Quoteable, kinda relatable and always hilarious, this is right up there with Earl and Arrested as the funniest show on television.

…Ohio State is terrified of the Irish. As they should be. (Courtesy BGS)

…the “lousy” bowl games can be just as entertaining as the big-time ones. From last night’s Insight Bowl, to Navy running all over Colorado State, to the UCF/Nevada Christmas Eve classic out in Hawaii, DeAngelo vs. Getsy up in Detroit and the upcoming dandies (Holiday, Peach, Independence, Alamo) show that bowl season is always worth the price of admission, whether you’re in the Insight or the Fiesta.

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