Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy "OC" Thursday Ramblings

Sadly, I didn’t get the BlogPoll in this week, due to the immense amount of paperage I’m working on. I’d have kept everything about the same, though I might have dropped ND after our performance Saturday night. Granted, Stanford played a flawless game penalty-wise and we were down a starting kicker, but those defensive backs? Eeeesh.

I was wishing for an upset or two this weekend, as unlikely as they may be with USC and Texas preparing for a couple of straight scourgings to secure their conference titles, but Tillett pointed out he, among others, already have their Fiesta Bowl tickets locked up. If Texas were to lose to Colorado, as unlikely as that is considering the Buffalos were dominated by a crappy Nebraska team at home, it could screw things up pretty nicely, although to what extent I’m not sure. If LSU failed to jump Penn State, then you’d have an old fashioned Rose Bowl, with Texas playing Va Tech in the Orange and us against Colorado in the Fiesta, which is terrible. If USC would happen to lose, or if LSU jumps idle Penn State with a strong win over Georiga…..eeesh. We could end up in either Atlanta, Tempe or Miami.

Here’s hoping that one of the unbeatens goes down and chaos runs the show.


After a one week hiatus, The OC thankfully returns tonight, meaning I get to continue my love affair with Taylor Townsend and apparently see surfer-guy, slew-love-interest-of-Marissa knocked off of the show. I’m assuming once Johnny is gone, Marissa will be leaving Newport Union, because establishing a new circle of friends might be difficult when A) You shot someone B) All your male friends keep getting in car accidents and C) Your boyfriend nearly attacked someone with a broken bottle.

Nice touch at the end of the last episode, with Ryan going at the punching bag sans gloves and exposing his raw, Chino-side again. While I’ve done that before with the punching bag downstairs, the scariest moment would have to have been when Shane speared it, lost his footing and then the bag, which wasn’t full secured at the time due to being moved around, fell on him.

Since Jeri Ryan is now gone, freeing me to wonder how this whole college thing will be approached – major rumors of Brown, I can’t see them going anywhere not on the West Coast/getting split up at all – and see how Taylor can attempt to woo Seth, without having to worry about the Cohens becoming poor and this turning into Rocky V, The OC could easily set up a series of strong episodes.

Or fall flat on it’s face. Stay tuned.


Good effort, Steelers.


New Real World/Road Rules challenge premieres Monday night, filling the void in my heart left by Laguna’s departure. Chad’s not happy about it since The Miz won’t be there, but Mark from Season One is around, along with Brad from San Diego, so I’m there, even if this whole rookie vs. veterans thing leads me to believe it will be a complete and total waxing by the Old Guard. I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.


Do you think I’d need a business major in order to become a Hollywood executive? I just want to deal with network programming, getting to view pilots and give the “Yes” or “No”, and bedding budding starlets who just want that guest spot on CSI to prove their merit. I’m thinking I would have to have some idea of contracts and managing money and stuff, but honestly, I feel I could pick that up within a year.

Again, if anyone knows how I can get a business degree without taking Accounting, the phone lines are always open.


”It’s got comedy and drama, and action. It’s pretty much the best thing ever.”

-Dill, on Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer


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