Thursday, November 24, 2005

I'm Thankful For...

(Sorry there wasn't any updates this week. Was sort of busy.)

...making it home in one piece through the frozen tundra of Ohio and death spirals of PA.

...Charlie Weis coming to ND and turning the Brady-Samardjiza-Stovall Connection into BCS contenders.

...Michael Vick, rolling out left with one man to beat...

...the acoustic version of "California".

...U93 and video games when I should be doing work.

...the Seventh Floor Crew.

...Steve Nash, Jason Kidd or LeBron James getting an outlet pass fired to them with a 3-on-2 to work with.


...8:15 dart times.

...the Arrested Development DVD's, for forever keeping the best show ever alive and well. hoops coming back.

...Adrian Peterson on NCAA 2006 and the fact Chad cannot stop him.

...getting to see the guy who might end up being the best college player of all-time - Reggie Bush - in person.

...Wedding Crashers and Batman Begins.

...Jake Plummer's homeless beard and whatever you would describe Adam Morrison's as.

...Adam Morrison himself, and the fact someone from Gonzaga is going to win Player of the Year. Rachels:

...karma, My Name Is Earl, Prison Break, The Amazing Race: Family Edition (sorta), The OC, Desperate Housewives and Laguna Beach.

...any time Sean curses.

...the hand motions AMack makes when certain songs come on, or the face and pointing combo that Tommy does anytime he manages to get techno on.

..."Born To Run", "Come Clean", "ABC", "Jesus Walks" and Flip-Cup, when combined.

...Shane's excitement.

...getting everybody together on Thanksgiving night for poker, snowball fights and general good times.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

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