Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"You Live For The Fight When It's All That You've Got..."

Courtesy of Patrick:

I'm so proud of our kids. They have great belief in themselves and great belief in the program. It was a great team effort because it went back and forth. The defense created some turnovers for us, some we were able to capitalize on and some we weren't. The overtime was a rollercoaster. It's just so great to see the look in our kids' eyes that they never have a doubt. They play their tails off for as long as it takes. It was a great victory for our young men."

"Anytime you can have success against a team like USC (it's a great accomplishment). They're a tremendous football team and it means a lot to this football program to have that kind of victory in our home stadium on national television. It's a tremendous feather in our kids' cap."
- Jeff Tedford, after the last game USC lost.

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