Monday, October 24, 2005

"Hey Lauren, What Comes Before Part B?"

The best night of television returning, sans Arrested, but with FOX making up for it with double Prison Break action. Let's take a quick look at the dudes making Monday nights awesome (and then a little bonus stuff).

Wooed the smoking hot LC with caveman grunts and his sketch sideburns. The lesson as always: Don't talk, make fire.

Killing myself for not watching How I Met Your Mother. NPH wouldn't do that.

Taking on Vinny and the Jets in Hotlanta.

Calling the aforementioned game, and not really making the Monday nights any more awesome. But they're there.

The smoothest schemer this side of Clooney in Ocean's and Robbins in Shawshank.

And we'll give Desperate some pub for a good episode last night. I shoudl be putting Felicity Huffman's picture up, but come on, it's Eva.

My fiance's latest, Red Eye, is the SUB movie this week, so be sure and check that out.

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