Monday, October 31, 2005

BlogPoll Week Ten: Boo

I really wanted to move Virginia Tech ahead of USC, and after their cold-blooded massacre of Boston College Thursday night, I had all the justification I needed. Sadly, the Trojans did not comply, and instead dropped over 700 yards and 50 points on Washington State. They're starting to get on the USC roll, where teams get knocked around by more and more until somebody has to get embarrassed in a bowl game, ala Iowa, Michigan and Oklahoma.

However, if VT does to Miami (FL) what I think it's going to do, and USC blinks at home against Stanford, then you'll have a new number one. Texas also has minimal room for error against Baylor, because after the terrible game the Bears played against mighty Texas Tech, it's been confirmed in my mind that the Big 12, without Texas, wouldn't be a whole lot better than the Big East as a whole. We will never actually know, but at least Big East teams are sort of consistent, minus the whole "Louisville at South Florida" thing. Mizzou goes from over 400 yards of offense from Brad Smith alone last week to 3 points in the entire game. Woe is the Big 12, and Alabama and UCLA might benefit from that as the year progresses, despite the fact Texas is now a unanimous computer number one in the latest BCS.

Without further discussion, the Top 25, which is getting harder and harder to fill in at the bottom, thus the inclusion of Colorado and Rutgers.

1) Southern Cal
2) Virginia Tech
3) Texas
5) Alabama
6) Notre Dame
7) Penn State
8) Miami (Florida)
9) Louisiana State
10) Georgia
11) Florida State
12) Ohio State
13) Oregon
14) West Virginia
15) Wisconsin
16) Florida
17) Louisville
18) Auburn
19) Boston College
20) Michigan
21) Fresno State
22) TCU
23) Texas Tech
24) Rutgers
25) Colorado

Games Watched: BC/VT, First half of TTU/Baylor, Ohio State/Minnesota, Purude/PSU, UGA/UF, USC/Rocky Top, last eight minutes of Stanford/UCLA, some of Texas/OK State. Bye weeks are cool.

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