Tuesday, October 18, 2005

BlogPoll Week Eight: Picking Up The Pieces

Just because of my newfound total loathing of Matt Leinart, I almost snapped and dropped USC to number three, just as some sort of response to the BCS. I shook that off, however, when I realized the Trojan road wins over ND, ASU and Oregon had more merit than anything Va Tech and Texas could put together combined.

Texas better pray that the Red Raiders hold out over the rest of the season, and that Ohio State doesn't fall any farther, because with games coming up against BC, UVA, Miami (FL) and FSU, the Hokies might have enough juice to get past the rather large gap seperating them from the longhorns. If Georgia wants to try and play catch-up, they'll need Chan Gailey to get his act together with Tech so that non-conference wins look better, along with Boise State and Alabama winning out.

As far as Notre Dame being ranked 16th goes, it's completely ridiculous, but we've come to expect that from the BCS. If we win out, we'll be in the top twelve, so why worry about it now. I'm just happy my rooting interest doesn't lie with one of the unbeatens not in the top two right now. As far as my justification for a two-loss ND team being where they are, the Hurricanes haven't played anybody since Clemson, LSU turned it over five times and almost lost to what is looking like a crappier and crappier Florida team, UCLA has been teetering the last two weeks and Penn State lost it's first real road game and their best offensive player in one game.

I also am feeling pretty good about this right now, despite the fact I doubt we'll be seeing this opponent, I still like the locale:

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1) Southern Cal
2) Virginia Tech
3) Texas
4) Georgia
5) Alabama
6) Notre Dame
7) Miami (Florida)
8) Louisiana State
10) Penn State
11) Florida State
12) Texas Tech
13) Oregon
14) Ohio State
15) Tennessee
16) Boston College
17) West Virginia
18) Auburn
19) Florida
20) Wisconsin
21) Michigan State
22) Louisville
23) Fresno State
24) Cal
25) TCU

Games Watched: Parts of Bama/Ole Miss and MSU/OSU, USC/ND and second half of FSU/UVA

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