Friday, September 02, 2005

A Warning/Some Suggestions

Despite the fact I really want to delve deeper into the reason I hate North Dining Hall, the Pitt/ND game this Saturday, the power of the Thursday Night Rat Pack, the knowledge I hope Sex and the City drops on me and the decision that if I could make a wish and remove one person from the face of the earth right now, it would be Andy MacKrell, I can't.

Over a hundred pages to read, a few response papers to write and way too much work to do this weekend thanks to interhall football issue and a biathlon, meaning that if I want to properly watch college football and celebrate Brendan's birthday, the blog will have to be the first thing to suffer.

So, no promises on the updates, though the effort will be made.

Go Irish, Beat Panthers and Happy Birthday to Brendan. Good weekending/safe travels for those of you heading down to Steel Town tomorrow.

Suggestions For Those Of You Going To Pittsburgh This Weekend

Buy the cheapest Buccos tickets you can on Saturday and slip in behind first or third base - as long as you don't look suspicious, nobody will care. Do not buy any food at the ballpark, it is not worth it, despite how good the Quaker Steak wings smell. The best value in PNC Park is the twist waffle cone. For lunch or dinner before the game, eat at the Original Primanti Brothers in the Strip. If you've got a fake, hit up Hi-Tops for any post-gaming, as it is always rocking.

That should do anyone for a quality 24 hours spent on the North Shore.

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