Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"Our noses grazed. And it was like the most sexually charged nose-graze in the history of nose grazes. It's essentially nose-humping, is what it is.."

Due to some amazing handling of “Getting Ahead of Work” last night – seriously, I pounded so much American Lit, British Lit and Philo, it all just ran together in a good way – I’ve cleared up some quality blogging time. Where to start?


How about back down to the tragedy in New Orleans? This may be a little too soon, but The Onion never disappoints, especially with headlines like Bush Urges Victims To Gnaw On Bootstraps For Sustenance.


If you’re not excited for the Ohio State-Texas clash on Saturday night, there’s probably something wrong with you. Blog Louisville Expert and all-around good looking guy Jeff Tillett informs me that I don’t understand southern football, and that Texas’ team speed will be way too much for the Buckeyes to handle.

I disagree with him for a few reasons.

Reason A: Ted Ginn, Jr. will the be quickest player on the field, and if UT had trouble with Breaston in the Rose Bowl, they won’t get any let up against Ginn in the Shoe.

Reason B
: The way Jim Tressel’s team handled Kansas State back in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl. Ell Roberson was fresh off a wooping of Oklahoma and was Vince Young with a better arm and Darren Sproles in the backfield. The result? 35-14 after three quarters.

I’m willing to put money on the Buckeyes. Someone please contact me if they’re feeling froggy.


The OC in less than 24 hours. Holla.


Just for the hell of it:


Your weekly Laguna wrap-up, courtesy of TVGasm, and more reading material than anyone would ever need on the Michigan/ND game this weekend.

(At least scroll to the final photo of the Laguna Beach wrap-up for the caption. Classic-ness.)


Okay, the next posts are going to break down something along the lines of an NFL preview tomorrow, some OC stuff, game prediction and then I need to vent on Lost and look at the upcoming TV season. We’re tossing around ideas for the next Blog Tournament – ala the oh-so-successful Dance Off last spring – and if anyone’s got quality suggestions, please let me know/deposit them into the comment box. Right now, we’re maybe leaning towards “Character from a TV Show or Movie You’d Like to Marry”, but Patrick feels that’s more of a dinner conversation, not a tournament.

Give me something better, and we don’t do it, although don’t pretend you wouldn’t be interested in seeing George Clooney from Ocean’s Eleven vs. Angelina Jolie from Mr. and Mrs. Smith in a semifinal. I don’t even know who to begin voting for there.

Happy Wednesday, and Muck Fichigan.

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