Monday, September 12, 2005

BlogPoll: Week Two, Top Ten Irish Version

Some would move Texas to the top after their on-the-road win over a Top Five opponent, but the Trojans are the defending champs, and until someone knocks them off, they will remain at the top of the poll. Penn State got bumped for the 2-0 Vanderbilt Commodores, and Clemson is number 26, having to beat the Hurricanes and show one last measure of consistency before I put them into the Top 25.

1) Southern Cal
2) Texas
3) Tennessee
4) Virginia Tech
5) Florida
6) Louisiana State
7) Ohio State
8) Notre Dame
9) Louisville
10) Cal
11) Purdue
12) Georgia
13) Florida State
14) Michigan
15) Georgia Tech
16) Texas A&M
17) Boston College
18) Miami (Florida)
19) Arizona State
20) Alabama
21) Iowa
22) Minnesota
23) Iowa State
24) NC State
25) Vanderbilt

Games watched this week: Not that many, as Saturday afternoon was spent attempting to catch up on both work and sleep, but I sitll saw Pitt/Ohio (4th quarter, OT), ND/Michigan, Iowa/Iowa State, bits of USC/Georgia, Ohio State/Texas, Arizona State/LSU.

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