Thursday, August 11, 2005

Who Loves Ya?

I should be sleeping, but today (after midnight, I like to use correct terminology) is my Going Away Lunch at work, so it's not like I should have to do that much. Anyway, just some stuff I missed/reasons you should love me forever.

1) Compilation of Beer Pong Rules - Granted, most of these are split pretty much down the middle, but I think we can all agree it most definitely is not called "Beirut".

"Honest to God, Talan, you couldn't wear a freaking tie? Granted, Kristin will go down on you anyway, but it's a matter of class."

2) Laguna Beach Prom Pictures - You might say I'm getting slightly obsessed, and you'd be right, but TVGasm provides me with this goodness, and I relay it on to you. Besides, with lines like this, I'm pretty sure they deserve your attention as well.

Actually, there was some mild excitement later on as Stephen and LC shared a room for the night. I'm sure this did nothing less than rankle poor Dieter. Nothing hurts a sidekick more than when his master shuns him for a girl. Dieter than ambled drunkenly through Rosarito while Green Day crooned, "I walk a lonely road..." Okay, to be fair, that sequence only happened in my brain (home of such fantasies as Kristin-gets-hit-by-a-Mack-truck, Kristin-gets-hit-by-a-cement-mixer, and Kristin-gets-hit-by-any-generic-fast-moving-object).

I really could not put it better myself. The rest of that recap is here, incase you're interested.

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