Saturday, August 27, 2005

Post Coming Sometime This Weekend...

I really, honestly, promise. I want to talk about how lame Danny from Real World is, how it's hard to fulfil a triplet fantasy when none of the three are that attractive, how I'm now the dumbest kid in nearly every class I'm in, the fact we're forming a Thursday Night Rat Pack (kudos to Patrick) and why this college thing is just about as fun as I remember, minus all the work and such.

But for now, I'll leave you with this delicious link, as I've got to type up a couple response papers, read a lot more, shower and eventually get out to the mall to replace the Oakley case - not Oakleys, just the case - I lost last night.

I also hate the fact I haven't seen 40 Year Old Virgin yet, despite the fact everyone is giving it rave reviews, nor have I seen Red Eye, and trust me, that's making it a little awkward around the house with Rachel. I'll probably just have Brendan download them and save me the eight bucks, but we shall see.

Happy Saturday.

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