Thursday, August 04, 2005

"Let The Rain Fall Down..."

I think my Laguna Beach comments in both the blog and away elicited more responses than anything I've ever posted. I'm not kidding, you people, and myself, love this show, and the question is: Why?

It's not like their lives are that much more interesting than ours, it's just the fact that they're richer, hotter, dumber and drive shiny cars. Plus, the amount of effort they have to put into making the show interesting when the characters on the show are incapable of intelligent dialogue - think about the beach scene with Stephen and Kristin during the premiere - and the plot is based solely on your regular high school crushes and cliques.

Regardless, I'm not going to fight this feeling. Here's a series of links, which you need to read in order, that will first make you question your Laguna loving. But hold on for the second part, because it'll make you feel a lot better, and then enjoy the third link, because it's hilarious.

The Question

The Answer

The Review

If someone doesn't have the first season on DVD out at school, I'm going to be really, really upset, and you don't want to see me like that. I'll stomp my feet, take limos to bowling alleys, buy a seven-thousand dollar pair of shorts and talk constantly on my cell phone, only using the word "like".

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