Tuesday, July 05, 2005

"To our friends that are here"?!?!?!?!

I haven't seen the Joel Schumacher movie version of Phantom of the Opera that came out late last year/early this year yet. It wasn't that I'd been avoiding it, it's just that I hadn't taken the time to watch it. Nothing personal or anything.

Well, I took the truck to work today, and Tina had the soundtrack from Phantom in. It didn't sound too bad - no Michael Crawford, of course - but then I get to "Masquerade", my favorite song from it and one of the few pieces I can play on the piano from memory. It's just coasting along, nothing too major, then it hits the line "To a prosperous year", which is supposed to be followed by "To the new chandelier", in reference to the large conglomerate of crystal lighting that falls to the stage right before intermission.

Only they changed it to "To our friends that are here"!!!! I don't think I've ever been more upset about a song lyric. I'm assuming this means that there is no falling chandelier in Schumacher's version, and now I'm officially just writing this movie off. I refuse to acknowledge it's existence for this terrible, terrible travesty. You're telling me the guy who put nipples on the BatSuit didn't want to drop a chandelier?!?!?!


And cut. I realize this post pretty much makes it impossible for me to argue against anyone calling me a flaming homosexual, but I'm alright with that, because they changed the lyrics in "Masquerade".


My predictions for tonight's Real World: Wes gets punched and Melinda/Paris Hilton says something that makes me want to punch her.

EDIIIIIT: Tina has informed me that the chandelier does indeed fall in the movie, meaning the lyrics change is even dumber. I may no longer boycott it, but I'm still angry about this whole thing.

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