Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I Hate You Guys

It hurts, because I take the time to get up early in the morning just so I can update, and then I get all these freaking comments left on my away. Jeff thanks me, Chad leaves a rant about LC I'm going to post, Brendan is very supportive of Wicked, which is all fine and dandy, but it doesn't exactly make use of the lovely "comments" button directly below.

Regardless, there won't be much need for commenting once I start rolling on some random college and pro football stuff. No one will read it anyway, but I like to have it there for reference later in the season/a few years later, just so when we're graduating, I can turn to Patrick and scream "Remember when you gave me USC and two touchdowns against Oklahoma, and they lost 55-19?!".

So can we agree to a maxim here? Requests, death threats, questions you'd like answered and thoughts you'd like posted go on the AIM; all comments related to the post go on the comments. Agreed? Fantastic.


Saw Wedding Crashers for the second time tonight, and it got substantially better. Still dragged a little bit towards the end, but I loved it even more. All the little stuff, especially with Walken and the quick stuff Vaughn and Wilson spit out, is so much better. We're going to rate montages sometime, because the actual crashing to "Shout" montage definitely has to be up there. Too much fun, and as sad as this sounds, I would gladly go with anyone who wanted to see it again. Who doesn't need a little true love mixed with a little bondage in their life?

And I still want to hug Rachel McAdams forever, probably even more now.

Good thing I don't download movies and Crashers isn't 87% done on my computer as I type this. That would be reallllly unfair.


Missed Real World tonight. Anyone that caught it, please let me know if I'm going to be giddily excited or not with some form of awkwardness with Wes or Melinda.

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