Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Pistons Win Game Seven Tonight Because...

Chauncey Billups has never done anything to make me think he wouldn't be ready for a game like this.

Brendan says he could have made the play Rasheed didn't in Game Five, so I feel there's a deeper level of redemption for him.

Tony Parker is going to get abused by the Detroit perimeter.

Manu Ginobli, the Most Successful Basketball Player in the World, isn't a 100%, although he showed flashes in Game Six.

Ben Wallace has been coming to play.

Nazr Mohammed hasn't.

Larry Brown has been here, Pop hasn't.

Rob Thomas wants you to know how a heart breaks, and that's exactly what's going to happen to the SBC Center.

The rim is getting smaller and smaller for Duncan when he's at the free throw line.

In case of a blowout, only one team is capable of putting the wood to the other team right now, and that's the Pistons to the Spurs.

Rasheed can disappear offensively for forty minutes, then make every play you could ask of his down the stretch.

Rip Hamilton's a winner, and Tayshaun's been due.

This postseason has been going on since the middle of April and somebody - anybody - needs to end this thing.

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