Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Episode III Quick Hits

1) Of course, I'll be attending South Pike for the midnight Star Wars show tonight. Sean informed me that the New York Times gave it four stars, and Rotten Tomatoes currently has it at a pretty shiny 83%, so I'm pleased with that. I love looking at the really negative reviews, as I'm pretty sure some critics are really never happy with anything. The poor, poor people.

2) I broke my "F" key last night, adding it to the death list of my "Enter" and "T" keys. I didn't even drop anything on it this time, it just stopped freaking working and when I tried to fix it, it snapped off. These Thinkpad keyboard are pieces of crap, so I'm just going to invest in a wireless keyboard and leave it at that. I'll need to get a new case, but whatever, this is ridiculous. Screw you, IBM.

3) The OC season finale is tomorrow, and I don't want to freak anyone else out, but one of the members of the Holy Trinity of Creepiness is rumored to be making a very special guest appearance...

4) The Buccos managed to screw up a potentially fabulous situation - going into the weekend series with the Rockies .500 and with Oliver Perez coming back to pitch on his bobblehead night - by blowing two straight games against the lowly Cubbies. At the rate the NL Central is going, the Cardinals should wrap it up by mid-July.

5) And yes, of course I'll be there on Saturday night to get my bobblehead and see Oliver pitch. Despite he and Jake Westbrook's best efforts to doom my fantasy team, I'm still supporting them.

6) ESPN pre-empted PTI in order to show a special Preakness episode of SportsCenter. It might be worth it if Giacomo had a chance at the Triple Crown, but I highly, highly doubt that.

7) As stated in the NBA warning yesterday, I got my summer job at PennDOT. I'll be working in the Kittanning main building somewhere, either back in the garage, or if the ladies in the front office get their way, out there most of the time. Middle-aged women love me, what can I say?

8) I'm thinking the Sonics force a Game Seven and Reggie Miller's career ends in Conseco Fieldhouse on Thursday night. Of course I'm hoping the Pacers win, because who doesn't love Game Sevens, and my confidence in the Sonics will be severely knocked if Luke Ridnour shoots as poorly as he did in Game Five. He needs a throwback to Sunday night when he was unstoppable, which put Tony Parker into his current funk.

9) Did I mention the last Star Wars ever comes out tonight at midnight?

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