Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Already Workin' For The Weekend

I had my first real day of work today (the two days of sitting around, doing paperwork and watching movies don't really count), and it should be an entertaining summer. Today, I did my favorite garage activity - painted - and somehow, by the end of the day was working with the entire county's accounts receivable online in my shiny new corner cubicle with window. Mechainic/Handiman/Tire Guy George informed me he has a lot of projects planned for the summer, so hopefully he has time for them, because nothing passes the time like projects with George. He puts his cigarette into his ear, grabs his hammer and just nails the hell outta things while I try to not look too scared. The first two hours breezed by today as a I rolled a fresh coat of paint on the soon-to-be-redesigned supply office.

As of now I'm the only intern in the garage/front office, which is fantastic, because my bitch work skillset is really large after last year's experiences. Granted, not having Brett and Scott around means there's less entertaining dialogues, but it also means the work goes slower and my day moves along nicely. Plus, Brett and I are going to play a daily game where he tries to guess what I do each morning before going out to drive around with Kunkle, then I tell him what I actually did when he gets back in the afternoon. He was pleased to know I'd managed to spend two hours painting a pipe yellow and then moved into the office.

As far as summer jobs go, this is a fantastic one, because I'm making 10+ an hour (with a raise coming in July!) and get to take days off whenever I need too, freeing up weekend trips should that need arise. That being said, I'm already ready for Friday afternoon and prepared to being mass complaining about the job come next week.


Big night of finales, as American Idol and Lost both bloat to two hours. I didn't watch either all season, though I'm really rooting for Bo Bice just so my sister maintains her record of never, ever predicting an Idol winner correctly at any point in the season. Also, I'm a firm believer Carrie Underwood should be on Nashville Star.


Just enjoy this: Tom Cruise at his manic best.


I'm about ready to take a tire iron to Tim Duncan's knee, though I'm still pretty sure that won't slow him down. The Suns need a shot of Joe Johnson, stat!

And can we lay off Dwyane Wade? He hadn't had a bad game in a month, so let's see how he reacts to his first bit of adversity tonight in Game Two.


That being said, the Dual TV's are a calling me. Go Bo, Go Heat, Go Suns, Lost don't confuse me too much.

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