Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wednesday Morning Ramblings

The National Championship game was an Illinois rim-out or two from becoming an all-time great, but the anti-climatic ending left it at just a very, very good game. I’m still stunned Carolina won the stupid thing, but they had a lot of things break their way. The “traveling” call in the Villanova game, UConn and Kansas getting knocked out early and drawing Wisconsin in the Elite Eight, the five nickel-dimers on James Augustine and at least three or four Illini threes going halfway down and then coming right back out.

I guess even when your coach is Deputy Dog, five NBA first-round picks will get you a national championship. How many of the Big Four stay? I’d say McCants is a mortal lock to be gone, and you won’t find Marvin Williams’ stock much higher. May’s dad wants to stay, and I’m not sure about Felton, so I say one of them return next year to attempt to defend the championship.


Closer is playing this weekend as the SUB movie, so if you’re a Notre Dame student and haven’t yet scene this tactfully done, verbal pornography, please waste the three dollars to see this and have a hearty laugh at the really awkward dialog and “artsy” pacing.


This is going to deserve a longer post at some point in time, but I’m pretty sure that if I went to a school with warm weather all the time, I’d be much happier but with a lot lower grades. It’s a chore to force myself inside to get work done, and no, me being outside and attempting to do anything save read Friday Night Lights is not conducive to any sort of production. Yesterday I managed things pretty well, partnered with Flanagan and Katie for a half dozen CornHole games, won both of them and still got some Calculus done. The initial plan on getting way ahead of my research paper for seminar fell through, but like I can’t BS four pages on the persecution of Jews in 13th century England and the subversive discrimination of the church and females in The Da Vinci Code.

It’s 70 freaking degrees and sunny outside, I’m not wasting it.


As Dill gleefully called me during the first inning of the Pirates home opener Monday, we immediately decided we were going to every Oliver Perez home start, regardless of what else was happening. We’ll both be working, and done at said work by three, so that leaves plenty of times for a Sheetz run and getting down to PNC Park to watch Perez pitch. I know Danny will be coming into town for a Buccos game sometime, and hopefully a few more people can make it, as it’s really the only guaranteed entertainment I have, besides Brendan getting a psychic connection with a miniature horse and peaceful relaxation.


Really want to see Sin City, which is just a little teaser for the movies coming out to start summer. Has there been a stronger May/June trio in recent history than Star Wars: Episode III, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Batman Begins? I think the first Spiderman and Episode II came out fairly close, but nothing like those three.

Again people, let me throw this out there for you:


We had our live fantasy baseball draft for the section last night, and it was an absolute riot. Patrick was flipping out twenty minutes in because Pete stole Ichiro from him, Tyler took the entire amount of allotted time to select Travis Hafner and Mets David Wright and Jose Reyes went back-to-back in the seventh round.

I did very well, getting basically everyone I wanted save for Oliver Perez and Bartolo Colon, then Garrett Anderson and Steve Finley later on, but my strategy of picking up weaker positions first and then loading up on starting pitching netted me a deep, balanced roster, and if I can acquire a front-line 3rd baseman – although Mike Lowell is nothing to sniff at – this is going to be like taking candy from a baby.

My roster at the moment?

C (although he really plays first base, fantasy baseball says he can catch) – Mike Piazza
1B – Carlos Delgado
2B – Jeff Kent
3B – Mike Lowell
SS – Michael Young
OF – Carlos Beltrain
OF – Scott Podsednik
OF – Sammy Sosa
Util- Dmitri Young

We’ll go over the pitching later, as there’s some moves I want to try and make, but since I have Westbrook, Buerhle, Wood, Morris, Eaton, Garland, two Hernandez’s and Victor Zambrano involved, it should be good time happy feelings.


With the college basketball season ending, I’m probably going to be spending a little more time on the NBA, because I’m absolutely ecstatic for this year’s playoffs after the fun that was watching last year’s at Gina’s. I’ll be sad that “Let’s Get It Started” will be gone, but I can always listen to it on the way to and fro, just to remember the Pistons castrating the Lakers on national television five straight games.


I’m actually, for the first time in about a month, really excited for The OC on Thursday. Considering I’ll get my Calc test out of the way very early that morning and I don’t have to work that night, it should be smooth sailing all day.

Happy Wednesday, because if you think about it the right way, it’s already the weekend.

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