Sunday, March 13, 2005

Quick Bracket Reactions


Welcome to the Fighting Illini Invitational, at least until they run into OK State in the Elite Eight....UW-Milwaukee has a legit Sweet Sixteen shot, and so does UAB...then again, it's hard to outrun Arizona....LSU's guards are too bad to make that big of a run...Southern Illinois vs. St. Mary's is random and fun, ala Creighton/Central Michigan...Boston College got the seed they deserved....OK State vs. Illinois, if it happens, will hang solely on how JamesOn Curry matches up against the third Illinois all-conference guard.


It'll be a cold day in New Mexico and hell if Washington makes the Final Four....Krauser vs. Robinson is the match-up Dill and I wanted, just for the trash-talking....if Pitt can make it past Pacific, they'll have a significant size advantage over the Huskies...Georiga Tech vs. Louisville in the second round? You have got to be kidding me, I'll get an extended reaction from Louisville expert Jeff Tillett later, but I just sat in his room talking about seeding for fifteen minutes, and we can't fathom how the Cardinals got shafted so...Remember how Wake Forest can't guard the perimeter? Let's see how they handle the barrage WVU and Gonzaga is going to be dropping on their head....3 seed or higher will make the Final Four from this bracket.


Who on Duke can stop Hakim Warrick? Shavlik's too unfortunate, and he can take Shelden Williams outside and get him in quick foul trouble. It'll take a monster coaching game from Coach K to get past the Orange, who I'm assuming will bump past Michigan State...The Orange will have to find JJ around the outside of the zone, but I think they can do it...I like the possibilities of Niagara over Oklahoma...Utah got their seed destroyed for losing in the Mountain West final....Kentucky has a pretty nice draw, but they have to play better than they did today....Old Dominion over Michigan State? Coppenrath vs. the zone? Fun first round in Worcester...Iowa over Cincy seems very possible...Mississippi State or Stanford will give Duke trouble in the second round....and no, I don't believe in the Devils at all.


As you've heard, this is the best bracket...UNC is in big trouble, and my man Ni admits it, while MC is feeling confident....if Lankford isn't 100%, UConn's bigs will make Simien disappear and that will be the end of that...Charlotte got a really nice seed...Wisconsin has Sweet Sixteen potential, especially if Kansas gets on one of their droughts....Kody's dream rematch, as NC State gets another shot at the Huskies, potentially....two of the hottest teams in the country, Florida and Villanova, will go at it in the second round barring a big upset, and both of these teams will put a lot of talent on the floor against the Tar Heels...Roy Williams vs. Kansas?...I don't see UNC making the Final Four, although if they make it past Nova/Florida, there's a chance UConn or Kansas will have a lull and they can sneak past them.

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