Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Lazy Link Post, plus Adding Contributors

Due to midterms, papers, work and getting ready for home, I didn't have time to write up anything original today.

Never fear, because the folks at TVGasm have done you well with this fantastic article on why The OC just isn't working this season as well as last. They point out the Thanksgiving/Luke's Dad/New Years run last year as the high point, which is very much correct.

Also, in addition to Patrick, who Lindsay has scared into silence, I'm going to be adding a couple more members to blog in order to just post links and make this site somewhere you can wander to at any point in the day and find something vaguely interesting. Again, this is just a trial run, and I have total deletion/editting capabilities just in case, but I think everyone will be pleased.

The beauty of college is that we send links to each other constantly because nothing ever really gets done, so we might as well make sure you get exposed to as many as possible. It'll be more in-depth when we hit April, because schoolwork is farthest thing from my mind right now.

After all, there's only two more sleeps until Spring Break.

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