Saturday, March 19, 2005

I can't start busting out "One Shining Moment" lyrics just yet, but let's just say that Syracuse and Kansas going down last night definitely made up for the rather uninteresting set of games leading into Friday night. After Anthony Roberson's fortunate positioning against Ohio, I thought we were doomed for the most boring first round of all time, but Taylor Coppenrath and the Bucknell Bison would have none of that.

Sure, I had Syracuse in the Final Four in both of my brackets, but do you think that mattered when TJ Sorrentine knocked down the longest three this side of Taleik Brown? And despite wanting the upset, who didn't want to be watching it live when Wayne Simien completed his perfect facsimilie of Christian Laettner, only the half-froed Kansas forward's shot fell just short. Despite their guards' failures, both Hakim Warrick and Simien were amazing. Warrick scored like twelve consecutive points for Syracuse at one point, and his passing and jump shot were both on display.

I'm glad Louisville didn't lose, just because I love Jeff Tillett and I'd prefer his head not explode all over my room. (Francisco Garcia was amazing). Today is ripe for upsets, as the Zags, Kentucky, Washington and Wake Forest are all just ripe for the picking. Arizona vs. UAB should be up-and-down fun, Wisconsin-Milwaukee vs. BC a nice contrast in styles and Utah-OU a solid beatdown on Andrew Bogut.

It's March Madness, baby, and if you're comparing this to 1988-1991 computer games like Katie did, Bucknell and Vermont have made it safely to Oregon.

But can they make it all the way to St. Louis? Stay tuned....

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