Friday, March 04, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Arrived back at the Ranchero this evening for my slightly-extended Spring Break. As far as I know, I was the first one to leave, polishing off what I consider a masterpiece of a mythology essay and then heading home with my two uncles, which was a fun trip.

Am I happy to be home? Of course. I now have tons of free time for visiting, commiting 4000 words a day to typing about college hoops, and of course, traveling to Boston for what should be a really fun Celtics game and time spent in The Dux with Brendan. We'll hopefully get a couple games of poker in and I plan on watching more of the conference tournaments than anyone ever should, while constantly dialing Andy MacKrell so we can all have "Live from Madison Square Garden" reports come Big East tournament time. I'm reading The Da Vinci Code for seminar, which everyone - besides my main man and Paris Hilton e-mail pen pal Stephen King - tells me is a really good read. There's also a really good chance Dill and I may play NBA Street V3 for 24 straight hours, but that remains to be seen. I'm not saying it's going to happen, but it probably will.

But am I sad to be gone? Of course as well. Despite the fact South Quad resembles a Frozen Tundra and the lack of hills means the winds are Oklahoma-like, I'm really upset that as I type this, Brendan is watching one of my favorite episodes of Buffy, Christina and Katie are watching AD, Matt and Andy are out at Legends, Patrick is actually doing work, Paul's sulking, Danny thinks I'm spending the night at a seedy hotel and my poor Peter Winter is stuck doing who knows what with Chad, whose not even really in G-Unit anymore. Sure, parietals suck, classes suck and you're going to be getting an extended thesis on why Footloose is based pretty specifically on the University of Notre Dame, but it has it's charms, regardless. If there wasn't school work involved, and we could just party, play video games and watch old TV episodes all day, it would be like home, but without hills.

I really missed the hills.

So this is just fair warning to expect extended, rambling posts on all matter of things, but mainly college hoops. After a couple of days in Boston, I'm sure I'll have some interesting road-tripping quips, and then it'll be a nice week of relaxing, hoops and for the fourth straight break attempting to get my laptop to work on our wireless at home and failing miserably.

Happy Friday.

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