Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Happy Wednesday

Hope everyone back home is recovering from their nice little extended vacation and everyone away at institutes of higher learning are doing well enough on their midterms. I get my Calc test today, and considering how well we all feel we did on it, the most likely thing to happen is just a couple terrible, terrible grades crashing the hopes and dreams of everyone. I think that's just the weather talking through me, and I apologize.

I'll be leaving for home Thursday as soon as Pete and I get done rocking our Mythology mid-term. The one essay question we can write on for it is asking us to compare how you would view this society if you only had James Bond movies, just as we view 5th century Athens through their tragedies. Needless to say, I'm very excited to drop a Moneypenny reference and point out how Judi Dench taking over for M was a huge step forward, very much like Medea stabbing Jason in the back, killing everyone he loved, including her own children, and flying away on a dragon-led chariot.

Class and work this afternoon, then studying for Mytho and then Rutgers at home for my last Irish home game of the season. Hopefully we play a helluva lot better than the last two weeks, or we're in trouble of an absolutely crippling loss. Upon Andy MacKrell's return from the Big East tournament, we'll get some on-scene guest commentary from his seat live at Madison Square Garden over next weekend. Regarding tonight, I don't know if I'll get a reaction piece of tonight, as I want to try and do some stuff before departing for Break, plus it's Rutgers and anything less than a dominating win is utter failure, but we shall see.


Everyone's been doing absolutely awesome contributing to the Ultimate Dance Tournament, with twenty-eight different submissions, and I couldn't be prouder of the readers for that. Try to get all your final suggestions in by late Friday, and we'll start the seeding over Break. I didn't think we'd get this many entries, so this is going to be absolute hell, especially with the lack of my laptop and ultra-speed internet at home to do research. In case you didn't see the link above, here's another way to get to the submissions page. If someone already submitted it, put it up again so you make sure it gets on and gets the proper respect. You wouldn't want to see it going up against the King of Pop in the first round, that's for sure.


Big Rob, adamant OC hater for most of the time we've been here, has finally giving into the charms of Newport Beach. He's been borrowing the first season in order to catch up, professing that he realizes it's retarded but he can't help it because after a few episodes, you can't help but care.

I think it pinnacled last night when he messaged me at 1:30 in the morning with: "If Ryan steals this car for his brother, I'm going to be really pissed."

Hooray for addicting teen soaps with catchy theme songs and dark, powerful eyebrows.

(I'll write the letter to Zach soon, Brendan, I promise.)


We'll close this morning's post - before I take off for my last entire day of pre-Spring Break South Bend - with a random Arrested Development post and the funniest, most terribily politcally incorrect caption I've read in a while.


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